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Ibiza Pool Party Game

Elsa and Ariel are happy that summer is finally here! They’ve been waiting and planning to go somewhere and have an excellent vacation for so long.

Elsa and Ariel are thrilled that summer has arrived at last! After eagerly anticipating and planning for a fabulous vacation, they spontaneously decided on Ibiza. Join the girls in the delightful "Ibiza Pool Party" game, where with your assistance, their holiday will be truly memorable. Embark on the ultimate summer adventure with them! Are you ready? Let's get started!

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HOW TO PLAY? Ibiza Pool Party Game

The first thing to do is visit a local spa where Ariel and Elsa want to get beauty treatments. Later, the girls will attend a pool party, so the challenge for you is to help them look great! Are you ready to wow them with your stylist skills? Then hurry up and join Queen Elsa in the spa because she will be the first to discover your beauty treatments. Pamper Elsa's skin with a gentle seaweed mask and her body with nourishing oil. Then, apply a salt scrub to her body, rinse it off, and apply plenty of sunscreen lotion. Remember, girls should never be exposed to the sun without proper protection. Sunburn leaves severe marks on the skin and accelerates the aging process.

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