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TikTok Divas Fairycore

TikTok Divas Fairycore is an imaginative dress-up game in which you

TikTok Divas Fairycore - Style four fantastic outfits!

 TikTok Divas Fairycore is an imaginative dress-up game in which you'll be able to dress four female influencers in fairy style. 

The visual elements refer to nature, peaceful animals like butterflies and bunnies, flowers, soft pastel colors and spring. 

And of course, a touch of magic can't be missing! Start the fairycore makeover with a matching delicate makeup. Choose lipstick, blush and highlighter as well as mascara and contact lenses. 

After that, decide on matching clothes with lots of nature and mysticism references. Different shades of green and brown are particularly suitable for this. 

Dresses, tops and skirts in different lengths are available. Cardigans made of wool provide warmth and comfort, because TikTok divas want to be able to dress in fairy style in any season. Style afterwards a playful or classic looking hairstyle.

 Jewelry made of natural materials should not be missing, of course, as well as the characteristic fairy wings.

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TikTok Divas Fairycore Game Hits: 100 Online since: 01.02.2023 Publisher: Bitent

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