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TikTok Divas #likearockstar

TikTok Divas Fairycore is an imaginative dress-up game in which you

TikTok Divas #likearockstar - style four rebellious outfits! TikTok Divas #likearockstar is a cool dress-up game in which you'll be able to style four girls as rock musicians. First, choose a suitable makeup, which may be especially intense and dark. 

After that you can put together the rock star outfit. Of course, the obligatory leather jackets are especially interesting for this look, but there are also other pieces to choose from. 

Band shirts, ripped jeans, pleated skirts with and without sequins or black corsages belong to this style as well as black and white striped pants or black tulle. 

Also under the hashtag #likearockstar, TikTok Divas can style not only edgy but also feminine looks. 

Combine the outfit with other accessories like hats, glasses and jewelry and choose a black bag. Spikes, studs and leather fringe are especially popular. 

 Whether it's for a stage performance or a visit to the club, with these outfits the four girls will be welcome at any rock concert. Play TikTok Divas #likearockstar free online now on KibaGames!

TikTok Divas #likearockstar

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