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All games shown on the site are property of their rightful owners. The material is provided for educational purposes without the right to use it commercially.

If you own the copyright to the material posted on the site and are opposed to its use, or want to make suggestions or recommendations regarding its distribution, please contact the site administration via Email:

With the introduction of:

- an electronic or physical signature of the owner of the intellectual property rights or of a person authorized to act on behalf of that owner;

- Describing the intellectual property right that you consider to be in violation and a description of the act of infringement;

- Specify where the original or approved copy of the copyrighted work is located, for example, the URL of the site it was published on, the name of the book the work was published in, or, in the case of a registered company name, an excerpt from the relevant record Confirmation of registration;

- If you are not the owner of intellectual property rights, then a copy of the license will give you the right to use and protect these intellectual property rights;

- Specify the URL or any other place on the site where the material that you believe infringes IP rights exists (this information must be specific enough so that we can locate these materials);

- Your name and full contact information;

- A statement from you that you truly believe that the disputed use of the specified material was not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

Upon the first request of the legal copyright holder, the administration will take the necessary measures to resolve the situation.