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Privacy policy

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Registration and enjoying playing on the site is completely free and available to all.
Intentionally causing damage or defect to the site may expose you to legal liability.
Pictures, games, or copies of game details of ( cannot be used for posting on another site without placing a direct link to the original page.

Registering with names that contain offensive or immoral words or insulting or insulting leads to a ban on the membership of its owner.

The comments sent express the opinion of the owner.

Privacy policy:

When registering on the site, the information you send will be visible to visitors and members of the site, except for e-mail.

This site uses Google adsense ads and these ads may cause the creation of cookies and web beacons to collect simple non-personal information about the visitor such as IP number, type of browser, date knowing that it does not cause any harm to your computer and found To improve service and performance.

DoubleClick DART cookie: Google stores an ad cookie in a user’s browser to understand the types of pages a user visits. This information is used to serve ads based on interest categories that may attract users. Users can opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the privacy policy for Google ads and the content network.

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