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Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate pizza is something different, and if you’ve never tried it, you’re definitely missing out.

Chocolate Pizza - prepare a delicious dessert! Chocolate Pizza is a cool baking game in which you can bake a sweet pizza with all sorts of candy toppings. 

Chocolate meets pizza! Create this ideal party combination and prepare the dough first. Play with the mouse or by tapping and swiping. 

Mix all the ingredients together and roll out the dough into the typical pizza shape. Continue with a chocolate sauce instead of tomato sauce. 

Bake the delicious mixture in the stone oven or on the pizza stone and then top the warm chocolate with your favorite candy. Gummy bears, Oreo cookies, even more chocolate and also fruits, nuts or caramel pieces and candies bring color and additional flavor into play. 

Customize the chocolate pizza to your liking, cut it into handy pieces and serve it to your friends!

Don't miss out on this sweet treat and play Chocolate Pizza free online on!


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