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About Girl Games

Girl Games ( is a browser game site with over 200,000 monthly active users. Highlights free games for kids ranging from cooking to decoration games. The most common signs and categories are clothing games (fashion and models), makeup games, medical games, hairdressing games, and girls' games. We carefully choose every high-quality game to add to the site.

Besides modern technologies, the browser has grown significantly to become a powerful gaming platform. Cool 3D graphics and local performance are possible without the need for apps, downloads, or platform extensions. We are an innovative company at the forefront of this market and produce tools to help game developers fully use them. Therefore, we built the developer portal to facilitate the deployment of browser games.

Our vision

AKA, the browser is definitely the future gaming platform: Thanks to WebAssembly and WebGL, the browser has become as powerful as the original browser. Plus, they are global and friendly. Games will run on the browser, just like news, document management and TV.

Our team
Mohamed Mansour manages the technical side of the site and helps us to improve product quality and marketing.

The site was established
Girl Games ( on April 2020 by Mohamed Mansour. It is run from Egypt.