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Tasty Cupcakes Cooking

TASTY CUPCAKES COOKING The Tasty Cupcake recipes will become new family favorites and are perfect for each and every one of your occasions!

Bake cupcakes - prepare delicious cupcakes! Bake Cupcakes is a sweet baking game in which you can prepare delicious cupcakes for a teatime. 

Invite your best girlfriends to tea with cupcakes and simply bake the small, colorful cupcakes yourself. First, style your baker with a pretty afternoon dress and protect it with a matching apron. A hat and baking gloves as well as a new hairstyle are also part of successful cupcake baking. 

Well prepared, you can then stir together the individual ingredients such as flour, milk, eggs and sugar as well as baking powder and fruit and fill the batter into cups of your choice. Bake the cute treats and then decorate them with toppings of your choice. 

Colorful cream, chocolate sprinkles, sugar pearls, fruits and faces or a unicorn add fun to the little baked creations. Your girlfriends are sure to love this! Bake and decorate four delicious little cupcakes for tea now and play Bake Cupcakes free online on!


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