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Top Candy Jewels

Top Candy Jewels

Candy Jewels is the #1 Match-3 game on Android! This game is a smash hit with satisfying and juicy shining Candy Jewels. This game with a lot of special power-ups and awesome visual effects, you can expect the ultimate in Candy Jewels collecting and explosive fun! By playing this game you may find yourself hopelessly addicted to swapping the glorious Candy Jewels. It is a simple but extremely fun match-3 game. How to Play: - Swap candy to match 3 or more identical candy to eliminate them - To activate a special power-up, match candys that are the same color as the power-up you want to activate twice in a row

FEATURES: - Three Game Modes: Normal, Time, Infinite - Outstanding graphics and music - Easy-to-play interface with save function - Each candy has its own special power up effects


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