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Game Barbie Adventure in the Dream House

Game Barbie Adventure in the Dream House
Welcome to Barbie's Dream House, the place journey all the time takes position. Barbie has so much to do as of late. From the start, Rene must come to Barbie to show her easy methods to play badminton. As well as, Barbie must lend Nikki a horse to arrange for the contest and take care of child Chelsea. And that implies that Barbie wishes your lend a hand! Assist Barbie find time for every of her buddies. First in keeping with Nikki, she prepares for the contest and asks Barbie to lend her her horse Tony. So lend a hand Nikki leap over stumbling blocks and get ready for the contest. However Hani’s pet is hiding from Chelsea as a result of she doesn’t need to wash. Let's all in combination lend a hand discover a Chelsea pet. To try this, you must sparsely go searching and click on at the pet to search out it. Rene’s closing buddy, which must get ready her for the approaching badminton festival! Use the arrow keys to transport round and be capable to repel the shuttlecock! Good luck


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